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welcome to  platinum group for import and export , we offer different kinds of products with highest quality and compatitive prices

as we are looking forward to expand our work to meet the international demand and to  be the best in our field


As its known of its importance in any industry we would like to introduce you  our product (ezz steel ) as they are leading in producing steel in middle east with growing presence In markets around the world .
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Bulilding Coating

In the world there is different coating companies with its different products and categories.So we would like to introduce our brand ( kouratol) for paints & modern building materials is considered one of the leading individual companies in this field in Egypt .
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Raw materials

Is a denote material that came from nature and is in an unprocessed or minimally processed state , from mines in Egypt we would like to introduce our products ( silica sand-kaolin) as we present high quality manufacture of those material with competitive prices To introduce the customer very good commodities and meet his demands 
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